Couple Tries to Rescue Starving 3-Day-Old Foal

Starving Foal

Rogersville, Missouri – Authorities are investigating a newborn foal who appeared to be neglected and denied medical care.  Neighbors Michael and Kirsten Markley first saw the foal on Saturday and were immediately concerned.  The emaciated baby was laying next to the fence and couldn’t get up.  “It tried to get up but couldn’t get its legs underneath him.  When we drove away I told my husband that horse is starving and we need to do something,” Kirsten told reporters.

The Markley’s called the owner of the mare and foal multiple times, explaining in detail the plight of the infant and offering to buy him, but their calls were never returned.   They purchased some horse infant formula and attempted to feed the baby, which proved unsuccessful.   Kirsten noted that the mother did not appear to be making any milk.

After visiting other neighbors living closer to the pasture, the Markley’s returned to the pasture, only to find the foal gone.  The mare was frantic, racing around, trying to find her baby.  The Markley’s have not risked trespassing charges to hunt for the baby, but assume the worst.  “I fear the worst, that the colt’s probably dead,” Michael said.

The Green County Sheriff is investigating the case with the assistance of the Missouri Humane Society.

Original Story and Photo: Springfield News Leader

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