Cowboy Drags Untrained Horse Behind Trailer

Horsed Tied Up to Trailer
Horse tied up to trailer, being dragged.

Dumas, Texas – Self proclaimed cowboy, Hunter Kennedy, posted a public Facebook profile photo that many people say shows horse abuse.  In the photo, an untrained horse can be seen tied up to the back of a trailer, bucking and pulling back, while the trailer is towed forward.  Kennedy posted he was trying to break the horse, but then later stated he sold it because it wouldn’t stop bucking.  Several people in the comments begged and pleaded with Kennedy to take the photo down before PETA or the media find out about it, but Kennedy’s friends defended his actions and photo.  “I personally have dealt with PETA. You give them some cash and they walk off. So tell me about your way of life that is at stake because of one person who posted one picture of a broncy horse,” Monty Bell posted.

Hunter Kennedy
Hunter Kennedy

Other’s posted comments that seem to show the cowboy mindset of abusing horses into obedience.  “I was told one time ya gotta pin there eyes open with mesquite thorns first,” Josh Swaringen posted.  Zachary Sargent explained why you need to drag a horse before riding it.  “Just my opinion, that treatment is necessary for fellas like me. Lot easier to cover em when they don’t have much wind!”

Not all comments on Kennedy’s post were agreeable towards abusing animals.  Casey Round explained his thoughts on dragging a horse behind the trailer to break it.  “Boys, I’ll say this. As a Stockman and a horseman id be embarrassed to post a pic like this. Sure it happens. But it just shows how ignorant you are and tells me that I’d never let you saddle one of my horses much let ride one. I’ve spent most of my life a horseback whether cowboying or riding horses for the public, and I can tell you there’s been horses id like to have drug around with a truck. But I didn’t. I took a deep breath and I learned from them.  Not to mention the ranching industry has enough problems with PETA and such without you fueling the fire with crap like this…  If I ever caught you doing this with one of my horses id take nylon to the side of your head.”

Horse Tied Behind Trailer
Horse tied behind trailer, being dragged.


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