Cowboy Riding Abused Horses Cross Country


New York City – An 80-year-old cowboy, Tod “Doc” Mishler, has been riding his horse around the country to raise awareness for childhood hunger, he says.    The cowboy has been riding for about 20 years since selling everything he owned in Choteau, Montana.  Since that time, he has traveled the country, relying on the goodwill of strangers to provide for his food and lodging.  He asks people to donate directly to children’s hunger charities.

Doc was arrested for riding his horse across the Outerbridge Crossing linking Staten Island borough with New Jersey.  He was charged with trespassing and impeding traffic.  After veterinarians examined his horses, they were found to be malnourished, were seized and he is being charged with animal abuse.  Doc told reporters “I’m in the room and I’m resting up and I get a knock on the door and one of the tenants says, ‘They’re taking your horses!'”

In 2011 Doc was charged with animal cruelty in Wisconsin for failure to provide his horses proper food and water.

Some view Doc’s mission as the crazed wanderings of a homeless man, while others see him as a sort of hero on a mission to help prevent childhood hunger.

 Tod "Doc" Mishler

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