Cows Assist in Difficult Horse Birth

Cows Helping

Cows HelpingWhen Doug Tescher looked out his window, he knew something was seriously wrong with his mare’s pregnancy and birth.  She was completely exhausted before the foal was born, and was just laying on the ground, barely rolling once in a while.  Doug sprang into action and moved in to help.  Using a couple of pieces of twine looped around the foal’s hooves, each time the mare strained a little, Doug pulled.  Slowly, inch by inch, the foal’s head finally came into the world.  Doug’s fear turned to relief when the little foal blinked his eyes.   The colt was alive for now, but Doug feared for the momma and the baby’s life.

After the foal was completely delivered, the mare was far too exhausted to lick him.  A couple of cows, who had been watching the difficult birth, trotted over to help.  While one of the cows chased Doug away from the new baby, the other cow went to work licking and cleaning the youngster.  Doug, knowing his job was over, headed inside to get some coffee and watch.  The mare finally stood but was too exhausted to do anything and just stood with her head hanging low.  The cows continued nurturing the baby, licking and cleaning him, stimulating him into action.

A few minutes later, Doug went back outside to turn the mare around to meet her new baby.  As he was climbing the fence, the mare nickered to her baby, then started licking him on her own.  The cows, happy to get back to eating grass, wandered off, content on a job well done.
Mare and Colt

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