Dog Murdering Son of Feedlot Owner Arrested

Steven Sadler Killing Dog
Steven Sadler Killing Dog
Boots Stanley
Boots Stanley

Bastrop, Louisiana – The horrific video of Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler torturing a Pit Bull type dog before slitting its throat repeatedly has led to their arrest.  Boots Stanley is son of Greg Stanley, who owns and operated Bootstrap Louisiana Kill Pen.  The kill pen ships horses into Mexico for slaughter.  Any horses that they think they can sell for more than meat price they put on their Facebook page and allow people to pay their inflated rescue cost.

steven sadler
Steven Sadler, dog killer.

In the video, Boots Stanley and friend Steven Sadler can be seen harassing a Pit Bull type dog.  One of the men put the dog on the back of a horse and attempt to ride over some obstacles, with the dog clinging to the back of the horse, a rope tied around its neck holding it tightly onto the saddle horn.  The next scene shows Steven Sadler holding the dog on the ground and then repeatedly slitting its throat with a knife.  The video was filmed at the Bastrop Kill Pen facility.

Arrest warrants were issued for Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler, who were arrested by Bastrop Police officers.  They have since bonded out.  They are both facing animal cruelty and conspiracy charges.

To watch the video (very horrific) click.

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