Donkey Leads Police on High-Speed Chase

Donkey Caught

Donkey on the Run   The Fayetteville Police Officers just don’t have the training or experience to know quite how to handle a high-speed chase when the runner is a donkey.  The miniature donkey had escaped from its home and was causing a ruckus near a Methodist church.  The donkey led officers on a chase for some time before they were able to corner him in Erick Eby’s yard.  “I heard a siren go off right in front of the house. I stood up and looked out the window, and there was a cop car blocking my driveway with its lights on.   As I am looking out the window processing all of this, a white flash runs past my front window. Then there was an animal control guy running with a rope to catch it,” Eby told reporters with KFSM.

The donkey was successfully captured, hauled away from Eby’s home and a short time later his owner picked him up.  No word if police issued a speeding ticket or not.

Original Story and Video: 5 News Online


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