Dumped, Dying Horse Crisis

Dumped Horse

A crisis is straining the RSPCA as they struggle for answers to the sudden dramatic increase of dumped and dying horses in Kent. In the last 3 months officers have found 25 dead or dying horses dumped.  Of those, 14 were dead on arrival, 9 had to be euthanized and only 2 were able to be saved.  A spokesperson for the RSCPA told reporters “These horses appear to have been transported in vans or pick-up trucks to quiet locations where they are callously dumped, some even while they are still just alive which is quite simply barbaric.  These horses have been dumped in driveways, fields, on private and public land – with complete disregard for both the animals and the public.”

Just this year alone the RSCPA has received over 300 calls about horses in Kent.  “This is pushing our inspectors to their limits and putting a strain on resources. We are asking the public to remember that we have finite resources and must always act within the law.”

Original Story and Photos: Canturbery TimesDumped Horse

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