Fairview Farms Barns Destroyed – 7 Horses Died

Fairview Farms

Fairview FarmsThe Missouri horse community, and the horse community across the world, is reeling from the devastating barn fire that destroyed 3 buildings

at Fairview Farms in Kansas City.  The fire destroyed the colt barn, a training barn and a riding arena.  The fire also killed 7 horses and 3 dogs.  A total of 50 horses were boarded at the estate, which raises and trains world class horses.  One horse lost in the fire, Breaking Vegas, was an American Saddlebred.  Breaking Vegas won the 2015 Saddle and Bridle Best of Breed for Adult Country Pleasure.

Locals praise the heroism of the staff at Fairview Farms.  Carla Pearman, a local doctor who boarded three horses at the farm told reporters “They were kicking in doors and running into the fire … they literally put their lives on the line to save these animals.” Investigators have no information on what caused the fire, and cite a lack of evidence.

The horse community is rallying to support Fairview Farms.  Fairview FarmsA GoFundMe has reached $63,000 out of  requested $50,000 in just 1 day.

Original Story and Video: KSHB

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