Fake Vet Tortured Horses

Horses in Pasture

A woman, Jacque Smith, passed herself off as a licensed veterinarian and treated horses improperly, authorities in Newark New Jersey claim.  Smith ran a business called “Equine Health” and “Equine Dentistry,” but a records search reveals that neither name is registered as a business.

Among numerous cases of improperly treating horses, Smith attempted to euthanize a horse by injection, but after injecting the horse numerous times, it remained alive, suffering, for over 2 hours.  Allegedly Smith told the owners “…other vets would just slit its throat,” but she did not do so but instead waited for the horse to die.  She treated another horse by inserting a garden hose into it’s nose, causing it to bleed excessively.

Smith commented about performing veterinarian medicine on social media, and in a 2011 Facebook post she wrote “gotta be something wrong with me. i (sic) truely (sic) get enjoyment out of castrating a horse/donkey. haha i (sic) guess i (sic) pretend they r some man in my life.”

When a client discovered that Smith was not a licensed vet they refused to pay the bill in full.  Smith allegedly threatened to have her husband “break their legs” and that their horses would be killed “at any time.”

Original Story and Picture: Courier Post

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