Family Horse Killed by Dog Attack


San Marcos, California – Smokey, a 15-year-old family pet, was brutally attacked by two pit bull type dogs Saturday night.  At approximately 9:00 pm owner Bri Valdivia heard an unusual sound coming from Smokey’s pen.  When she went outside, she was horrified to find two dogs attacking Smokey.  The dogs looked at Valdivia as she approached, then began growling at her in a menacing way.  She knew better than to interfere in the attack unarmed, so she backed slowly away then ran to the house.

Valdivia and her grandfather returned with flashlights and a baseball bat and managed to scared the dogs away.  As they were waiting for a vet to arrive, the dogs returned to finish their kill.  They managed to scare the dogs away once again.

The attacked destroyed Smokey’s hind quarters, with tendons and arteries ripped from his legs.  He was unable to rise from the ground where the dogs had dragged him.

The dogs involved in the brutal attack have not been found, and Valdivia is worried they will attack someone or some other animal.  She is also terribly upset about the attack on Smokey that cost him his life.  “He was in his corral, minding his own business.  He didn’t stand a chance.”

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