Foal Hopelessly Trapped on Wooden Bridge

Foal Trapped in Bridge

Viral Video – In what appears to be a 3rd world country, a cameraman found a foal hopelessly trapped on a rickety wooden bridge.  The baby struggles to get itself out of the gaps between the planks where he has fallen.  It was stuck for hours while its mother, a severely emaciated mare, stands hopelessly by, desperately hoping someone will come along that can help.  The unidentified man holding the video camera walks onto the scene.  He sees the absolute hopelessness of the baby horse’s plight, and knows he could be the baby’s last hope.

Setting the camera down to record the rescue, he gently lifts the baby to safety.  When it cannot get its hooves under its body, the man carries it gently off the bridge.  The mother follows, whinnying softly, thanking the man for saving her baby’s life.

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