Get a Mini Therapy at the Airport

Dakota at Airport

Flyers passing through the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport were shocked on Wednesday to see a cute little miniature horse.   The CVG airport partnered with Seven Oaks Farm Miniature Therapy Horses to try a pilot program of using mini therapy horses to relieve some stress from travel.  Seven Oaks chose to bring Dakota, a 2 year old black and white pinto miniature.  He is as comfortable in a one on one setting as he is in large crowds.

The reception at the airport was overwhelmingly positive.  Everyone from the seniors to the babies in strollers loved taking a minute to meet Dakota and give him a pet.  CVG is hoping to expand their mini therapy program and have horses at the airport on a regular basis.  “Surprised to see a horse in an airport? Not when you’re in Kentucky,” CVG’s Tweeted.

Original Story and Photos: Horse ChannelDakota at Airport

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