Good Samaritans Save Horses on Freeway

Loose Horses

Cleves, Ohio –  Four of Kaycee Kellems’ horses broke through the fence on her 34 acre ranch and got on the interstate 74 during rush hour.  “Horses were out and there was a fence down, a section,” Kellems said. “There was a washout in an area that is very difficult to get to, they normally don’t go over there.”

Good Samaritans saw the horses grazing alongside the freeway and stopped to help prevent a tragedy.  “All of a sudden, I looked off to the left and thought, ‘Oh wow, there’s horses on the highway,’ and I went, ‘Horses? Wait a minute,” commuter Tina Brown said. “I looked, three, no saddles, picked up the phone and called 911 right away.”  Brown’s call to 911, along with several other drivers, prompted a complete shutdown of I74 in both directions.  Law enforcement officers, Brown, and several other people who stopped, helped keep the horses off the freeway while the owner was located.  “It was just chaotic. Complete strangers were stopping and helping,” Kellems said. “You think the absolute worst. I thought we’re going to be putting horses down, there’s going to be cars, you know, I’m going to see horses in windshields. That’s what I thought.”

The horses are show horses the Kellems compete on locally.  The horses were all returned to their pasture safely and the fence repaired.

Loose Horses


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