Grass Cuttings Kill Teen’s Horse

Hope and Dolly
Hope and Dolly

England – 15-year-old Hope Gimson loved nothing more than spending time on the back of Dolly, her 5-year-old Cob.  They entered shows nearly every weekend, and were training hard for dressage competition.  Dolly would always be on her best behavior for Hope.  “She was pretty much only well-behaved for Hope. If it was someone else, she’d be like: ‘Leave me alone, you’re not my mum’,” Hope’s mother told reporters.

The fairy tale relationship came to an end when Dolly ate some fresh grass clippings and colicked.  The fresh grass compacted in her stomach, and the family rushed her to Royal Veterinary Hospital.  Dolly stayed at the hospital for 10 days, and was discharged when vet’s believed she would be OK.

A couple days later, Dolly took a turn for the worse.  A local vet came to treat her, and determined that the grass clippings had irrepairably damaged her instestines.  Hope made the heart wrenching decision to have Dolly euthanized.  “[I]t was the most heart-breaking decision Hope has ever had to make, I am so proud of her that she put Dolly’s needs before her own,” Hope’s mom said.

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