Grinning Horse Wins Contest and Causes Ruckus

Photobombing Horse

A father and son duo were walking a trail in North Wales when a horse came to the fence to visit them.  They decided to take a selfie with the horse in the background when the horse started making silly faces.  Realizing the comedic effect of the photobombed selfie, the father entered the photo in a local competition, Thomson Holiday’s ‘Made Me Smile’.  They won the £2,000 ($3,200 usd) vacation prize and 3 year old Jacob was so excited to be going on his first vacation.

The owner of the horse has decided to raise a stink about the prize.  Nicola Mitchell has stated she did not give the pair permission to film her horse, and is going to be doing everything she can to receive half of the prize money.  Mitchell went on to state that she has trained her horse to stick out his tongue and if she had known about the contest she would have entered and won.

The ruckus has certainly ruined Jacob’s excitement.  “Jacob is really upset and has been crying and asking me if we are not going to be allowed to go on the holiday anymore,” his father David told reporters.

Original Story and Photo: Metro

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