Gypsy Horse Abuser Jailed

Amanda McClure

Hohenwald, TN – A woman has been arrested and jailed for abusing 11 horses and 1 donkey.  Included in the group was a Gypsy stallion.  Amanda McClure allegedly failed to provide adequate feed or care for her animals.  The animals were seized by the Lewis County Sheriff and transferred to Horse Plus Humane Society.  3 horses had already died on the property and were in various states of decomposing.

McClure was arrested and held in jail on a $50,000 bond.  She is waiting for her court date on June 8.  The Gypsy has made a remarkable transformation at the shelter as seen in these before / after photos.

Gypsy Stallion

Original Story: Lewis Herald

Photos of Gypsy: Horse Plus Humane Society

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