Gypsys, Andalusians and Friesians Being Auctioned by Connecticut

Auction Horse

Auction Horse The Connecticut Department of Agriculture is planning a horse auction to raise funds for the rehabilitation and care expenses of 32 horses seized in February.  The horses were seized as the result of an animal cruelty complaint and subsequent investigation.  The horses, along with other animals, were seized from Fairy Tale Equine, a breeding facility.

After the horses were cleared by the courts, they were taken to the Large Animal Rehabilitation Facility at the woe men’s prison in Niantic.   According to the DOAG, ” …the facility is home to the Second Chance program – a collaboration between the Dept. of Agriculture and the Dept. of Correction through which inmates volunteer to work with the animals in partnership with agency personnel.”
Of the 32 horses available in the auction, 11 of them are purebred Gypsy, 5 are purebred Andalusian, 10 are purebred Friesian,  and the rest are mixes.  Profiles of each horse can be seen on the auction website.  Most of the horses are registered and the state has been working with the registries to transfer ownership to the buyers.

For information on each of the horses, and how to bid, please visit the DOAG Website.


Auction Horse



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