Helmet Saves Girl’s Life

Savannah Brus

Lawrence County, TN – Savannah Brus, 12, is a very lucky girl who will live to ride again thanks to the Troxel helmet she was wearing.  Savannah, who has been riding her entire life, was riding her Appaloosa mare when she suddenly reared, flipped over backwards, and rolled over Savannah trying to get back up.  Savannah’s mother saw her daughter’s life flash before her eyes.  “My daughter was dangling from her stomach on the back of the horse with her head under [its] front legs. To be honest, when she first stood up and she was hanging there, I thought she was dead. She was just hanging.”  Even while watching it happen, Savannah’s mother was yelling for people to call 911.

Savannah was flown to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, where she is being treated for a fractured back and pelvis.  Her helmet was crushed in the fall.  It takes about 8,000 lbs to crush a helmet.  “8,000 pounds of pressure would have squished my daughters skull and she would not be here. I mean, she would have died instantly.  Her skull would have been that helmet,” Savannah’s mother told reporters.  “Please put a helmet on your kid.”


Savannah Brus


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