Horrific Trailer Accident Causes 2 Horse Deaths

Two Horse Trailer

Highway 5, Maryland – Jesse Pearsall and his brother were on their way to go trail riding Saturday with their two horses, Big Bones and Lil Chief, when a reckless driver cut them off.  Pearsall lost control of the tow rig, and the ensuing carnage is nothing short of horrifying.  Pearsall posted a video of the aftermath on his Facebook wall with the message “Well today was a sad day for me and my brother on our way to the trail some jack ass cut us off and we lost control and this is what happened RIP BIG BONES AND LIL CHEF”  The person who cut them off never stopped, and may not have even known the death and destruction they caused.Dead Horse

In the video, seen by over 3,000,000 people, a very mangled 2 horse straight load trailer is seen standing by itself on the highway, with the rear door ripped off and major structural damage.  Two horses are seen laying dead on the road, one with a metal bar from the trailer pushed through its body.

Dead Horse


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