Horse Airlifted From 150′ Ravine

Airlifted Horse

Airlifted Horse  A horse and rider were enjoying a leisurely afternoon ride when for unknown reasons the horse fell down a 150′ deep ravine 26 mile northwest of Los Angeles.  The call for assistance came in at 4:27 pm.  Las  Angeles County Fire Department responded and began the rescue effort.  With no way for the horse to walk out of the ravine, a helicopter wasAirlifted Horse called to hoist him to safety.

A veterinarian sedated the horse, he was blindfolded so he wouldn’t panic once in the air, and a special large animal extraction harness was attached.  Then the horse was airlifted to higher ground.  Once the horse was removed from the harness, it took only a minute or two before he stood up.  Amazingly, the horse was uninjured and none the worse for his ordeal.  Horse and the uninjured owner were reunited in a very happy embrace.

Airlifted Horse

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