Horse and Cart Drag Dog Almost to Death


Cardiff, Wales – Onlookers were horrified to see a horse and cart dragging a dog through the busy city streets.  The man driving the cart kept whipping the horse to get it to go faster.  The limping dog, unable to keep up, collapsed and was dragged behind the cart.  When the cart had to stop for traffic, onlookers rushed the man and the cart, determined to rescue the now apparently lifeless dog.

The man on the cart sent a boy to get the dog up, but when the dog was unable to stand, the man yelled “Kill it, kill it!”  Onlookers yelled at the man that he was not going to keep the dog, and another man carried the dog to the side of the road while the cart driver and boy raced off.

An hour later, the dog finally was able to perk up enough to drink and eat some treats.  The RSPCA is investigating the incident and hopes to make an arrest for animal cruelty soon.

Rescued Dog

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