Horse and Dog Poisoned by Cookies

Leslie Webb

A horse and dog have died in Sebastopol, California after eating cookies left for them by an unknown stranger.  Toxicology tests confirm that the home made cookies were laced with oleander.  Leslie Webb, 48, owned the horse and dog, and is utterly heartbroken over their death.  “In my most horrific dreams I cannot imagine this would happen.  One of my horses ate the cookies and died. My dog, she ate them. She died as well. My other horse is recovering. Thank god my baby (filly) didn’t touch them,” Webb said.

Oleander is highly toxic to horses and dogs.  Approximately 50% of horses that eat oleander die from the toxicity, with death occurring within 12-24 hours after ingestion.

Police have launched a criminal investigation and are focused on a person of interest.  Other recent animal deaths in the area are being investigated as well.

Original Story and Picture: Press Democrat

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