Horse and Rider Shot

Horse and Rider Shot

A leisurely ride home for two men in Oklahoma City Thursday night turned to chaos and blood when a maroon car drove by and opened fire on them.  When the men heard the pop-pop-pop of gunfire, they dove for cover.  The two horses, panicked by the gunshots, raced for home.  One of the men, who wish to remain anonymous due to safety concerns, was shot in the leg.  The bullet traveled clean through and he will make a full recovery.  The victim has no idea who was in the car and believes it was a random act of violence.

Dancer, one of the two horses on the ride, was soon spotted by his owner, Dashontria Greasham.  Greasham told reporters “We see the horses coming back, I rode the horses back,” Greasham said. “When I took the saddle off, I saw blood running off of him.”  Dancer had been shot on his front right shoulder.  The veterinarian euthanized him due to the location and extent of his injury.

Dancer has spent the last year competing in barrel racing events.  He is going to be greatly missed by his family.

Original Story and Video: KFOR

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