Horse Charity Closes After Cyber Bullying

Trixie When Rescued

Queensland, Australia – Jennifer Malloch, Save a Horse Australia Horse Rescue and Sanctuary‘s media manager and a foster carer for sick horses, is sickened that cyber bullying has led to the rescue being shut down.  For over 2 years, a constant stream of false accusations have been leveled against the charity.  On June 14, authorities raided 4 properties and 3 homes were raided.  The raid included taking the blankets off the horses, photographing them, scanning for microchips, and going through laptops and bank records.  Malloch’s property was one of those raided by police, but she’s not concerned because the charity has nothing to hide.  “We don’t expect to be charged because we have done nothing wrong.  We feel it was excessive for police to raid our properties when we have been assisting them with their investigation.”

Donations have dropped to almost nothing with the online bullying, and horses in the community are suffering as a result.  Since 2009, over 1,000 horses have been rescued by the charity, but now they may never be able to help horses again.   “We have 158 horses in care right now including in foster homes,” Malloch told reporters, “We have to pay for farrier, vet bills and food while they are waiting for adoption and at the moment we are not making that in donations.”

One person wrote on the charity’s Facebook wall “I would like to go and adopt a dozen of her horses.  I would get someone to video the entire process.  I would choose 12 of her most dud horses, hopefully standardbreds and anything looking as though it wished it was dead.  Then I would take them home, line them up and shoot them one after the other.  Then I would post my video on their page.  That would be an ideal world though.”

For now, the charity has closed its doors and is not helping any new horses.  No charges have been filed against the charity and authorities are not responding to questions about the investigation.  The charity is hopeful that once the investigation proves they have not been misusing funds, the public’s confidence will return and they can reopen and help horses once again.


Trixie Before and After
Trixie, rescued by Save A Horse Australia Horse Rescue and Sanctuary, before and after rehabilitation.
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