Horse Dehydrated And Killed By Transporter

Horse Down

Eye InjuryMaureen Pinto, of Brandon Florida, contracted with Scott Thompson of Great Lakes Equine Services to transport her horse from Pennsylvania to her home in Florida.  Unknown to Pinto at the time, Great Lakes Equine Services has been out of service since February for failing their vehicle inspection. The US Department of Transportation ordered Great Lakes Equine Services to cease any and all operations until they passed inspection according to the DOT website.

Thompson gave Pinto an estimated arrival time of Sunday at 4:00 pm, but he arrived on Monday at 8 pm.  When the trailer door opened, Pinto’s horse was down on the floor and unresponsive.  Thompson told her to “Whip her or put a dog on her and she will get up.”  After dragging her horse from the trailer, Pinto called her veterinarian for emergency care.  Her horse was having seizures due to severe dehydration and head trauma from flailing in the trailer.  Pinto’s vet was unable to save her horse and she was euthanized.

Original Story and Photos: Facebook