Horse Dragged to Death

Sierra Miner Hugging Lucy
Sierra Miner Hugging Deceased Lucy

Canaan, Maine – When 21-year-old Sierra Miner stepped out of the shower, her phone was blowing up with messages and voicemail telling her the worst news possible about her horse Lucy.  Lucy, a 4-year-old Appaloosa, had been tied in her front yard while she took a quick shower. A vehicle, possible a full size pickup either tan or gold, drove onto Miner’s property, struck her horse, and dragged her half a mile.

At first Lucy was able to keep her footing and ran down the road behind the truck, but soon Lucy fell and was dragged.  The dragging caused severe injuries including being gutted, burns and hooves worn off.  The person who struck Lucy dragged her out of Miner’s yard, across the road to Miner’s grandparents yard, breaking their mailbox, then back onto the road.  “I call it torture because not only did they hit her, she struggled, she fought,” Miner told reporters. “They didn’t just hit her and leave her. They hit her and she got caught and they dragged her. She fought so hard her back hooves split. They were almost gone. She fought the whole time.”

Miner believes that Lucy was still alive when she ran down the road towards her in response to the phone messages.   “When I came down to the road was when Lucy passed away.  I didn’t even get to say good-bye. That hurt. But honestly, she waited until she heard my voice yelling down the road and that’s when I think she gave up and knew we were all coming to her.”

Police are investigating and asking the public for help in finding whoever did this.  They expect the vehicle responsible will have significant front-end damage.

Sierra Miner and Lucy [Facebook photo]
Sierra Miner and Lucy [Facebook photo]
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