Horse Escapes and Visits Mall

Horse at Mall

Morton Grove, Illinois – A horse headed out the gates and into town from the Glen Grove Equestrian Center near Chicago.  Stable employee Paula McKinnon told reporters “She was having a moment.  She got nervous and took off.”  Dodging traffic and no doubt scaring a few motorists, the horse headed east.

She finally settled down at a shopping mall, Westfield Old Orchard shopping center, a mile from her stable.  Police and the horse’s owner were able to capture the horse, and lead her back to the stables.  “She decided to take a stroll,” said Skokie police sergeant Frank Keener. “I think she was looking to do a little shopping along Skokie Boulevard.”

Horse at Mall
Horse at mall with police escort.


Horse at Mall
Horse being led back to the stables after visiting a shopping mall.

Original Story and Video: NBC Chicago


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