Horse Hanging From Overloaded Cart

Overloaded Horse
Overloaded Horse

Around the world, where horses and donkeys are still used to pull heavy loads, occasionally a cart is overloaded and unbalanced to the point it lifts the animal into the air.  While videos of donkeys being suspended by their harness are not entirely rare, a video of a horse being suspended by its harness was recently released.  The horse is clearly in great distress as it is suspended by a thin strap behind its front legs.  The man with the cart slowly unloads it while the horse struggles to free itself.


In this video, the videographer can be heard laughing hysterically at the donkey’s plight as it dangles helplessly in the air.

Several bystanders tried to help get this beautiful white donkey back on the ground, but even with 6 men lifting, the donkey was still left hanging in the air.




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