Horse Injured in Political Rally Dies


ShaktimanAs originally reported on March 15, the leader of the BJP party in India, Ganesh Joshi, was arrested and booked for attacking a police horse.  Joshi, who was attending a protest with hundreds of supporters, is accused of grabbing a baton from a police officer and attacking the officer’s horse, causing several fractures on the horse’s leg.  The horse, named Shaktiman, was rushed to a nearby veterinarian hospital.

Veterinarians amputated Shaktiman’s leg and a prosthetic leg was imported for him.  He began the arduous task of physical therapy to learn to walk again.  Shaktiman’s bandage was changed by the attending vet twice a week, but on April 20, he went into shock after being administered anesthesia for the bandage change.  Vet were unable to revive Shaktiman and he passed away in his stall, the very same stall he lived in for 10 years as a police horse. Shaktiman was fighting for his life, eating and drinking well, until the very end.

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