Horse Murdered at Sanctuary


Bangor, California – Thursday morning started out like every other morning at Trinity Horse Refuge.  When staff went to feed the animals at 9:00 am, one of the horses was laying awkwardly over an irrigation protector in the pasture near the road.  Curiosity turned to horror when Cathy Fonseca, owner of the refuge, found that Mikey had been shot through the neck at close range.

Dr Wulf and Mikey
Dr Wulf and Mikey

Mikey was rescued 2 year prior to his shooting.  He was emaciated, missing his lower teeth and part of his jaw, arthritis and bad legs, all a victim of horse tripping.  Mikey required a special diet of soaked cubes, beet pulp and grain.  He recovered magnificently from his abusive past and loved people.

The shooting, with a .22 caliber gun, occurred sometime between 6:00 and 7:30 am.  The shooter stood on or near the main road next to the sanctuary and shot Mikey, who no doubt came up to see the visitor.  The brazenness of the murder in broad daylight has locals stunned, and fearing for their own animal’s lives.

Dr Wayne Wulf performed an autopsy on Mikey to find the cause of death.  He determined that a bullet severed the spinal cord, causing almost instant death with very little suffering.  The bullet also severed the juggler vein.

Fonseca called the Butte County Sheriff department, who refused to send a deputy.  They refereed the shooting to Animal Control, who also refused to send an officer, stating that there was nothing they could do unless Fonseca had an idea of who had done it.  The Sheriff Department has an outstanding $2,750 reward for information about a prior horse shooting, and Home at Last Sanctuary has offered an additional $1,000 reward for any information about the horse shootings.

Mikey is not the first animal to be shot in Butte County recently.  Several horses, some cats and a goat have been shot and killed, causing residents of the area to be on the lookout for anyone suspicious.

Trinity Horse Refuge is working on moving to a safe location.  They have posted a Go Fund Me for the move, with a $10,000 goal.

Mikey running with his tongue hanging out, looking for some yummy treats. His senseless murder has stunned all who know him.
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