Horse Physically Destroyed at Bull Fight

Bull on Horse

Picador Horse  A video (seen below) has been released by Bulls Defenders United showing a horse being physically destroyed by a bull at
Picador Horsea traditional Spanish bullfight.  The video shows a man riding a horse, known as a Picador, performing the first of three stages in a traditional Spanish bullfight.  According to Wikipedia, the job of the Picador is  threefold: to pierce the muscle on the back of the bull’s neck in order to straighten the bull’s charge, to fatigue the bull’s neck muscles and general stamina as it tries to lift the horse with its head and to lower the bull’s head in preparation for the next stage.

The horse is blindfolded so it cannot see what is happening and panic.  The cloth armor on the horse supposedly prevents serious injury, but with the crushing weight of the bull’s hind hooves stomping repeatedly on the horse’s face, and the bull’s horn and head repeatedly pounded into the horse’s abdomen, only a miracle could keep the horse from being seriously injured.  The armor also impedes the horse’s ability to kick, move quickly or defend itself in any way.  In the video, after bullfighters lure the bull away from the horse, it is unable to get up for some time.  Once standing, the bull fighter remounts the horse and continues the fight.

Universal abhorrence is the natural reaction to viewing the carnage that passes for entertainment in a bullfight, and many people are asking why in 2016 bullfighting is still legal.