Horse Plays Possum

Pinto, the possum horse

Kerrens, Texas – “Pinto, you’re embarrassing me!”  In a video that has gone viral worldwide, a small horse named Pinto is seen laying upside down with his legs sticking straight up in the air.

The horse was reported as dead to his owner by an electrical contractor working on the property.  The owner told the worker “No I don’t he plays dead all the time. Is his leg sticking straight up in the air?”  The contractor replied that the horse’s leg was straight in the air, but only because of rigor mortise, and the man assured the lady he knows about horses because he has some.  “Sir, my horse ain’t dead. He plays possum. But, I’m coming, give me a minute please.”

The video has made smiles around the world.

The owner of Pinto reported on her Facebook page that Pinto has been doing this for several years and he is certainly not in pain.

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