Horse Rescue Sends Worker to Hospital

Stuck Horse

Westport, RI – Rescuers worked for 5 hours to free a horse trapped in 3 foot deep mud at a farm.  The horse, a 17-year-old, had been stuck for a couple of hours before Animal Control and the Fire Department responded to the call for assistance.  “It got out of its corral unfortunately, and got into a really swampy area,” Allan Manley of the Westport Fire Department told reporters “And of course the more it struggled, the more it got deeper into the mud.”  Rescuers worked in the deep mud until 7:00 pm when they were finally able to free the exhausted horse.  A farm worker was taken to the hospital after the horse kicked him in the chest.  The horse should make a full recovery.

This is the second time rescuers have been called to the farm in just two weeks to free a trapped horse.  The first time a horse had become trapped in a muddy pit on the farm.  The family was upset at the media covering the rescue and would not allow cameras or reporters on their property.

Original Story and Video: Turn to 10Horse Rescuer Sent to Hospital

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