Horse Rescued From Mud – Owner Arrested

Jennifer Jenkins' Horse

Jennifer Jenkins' HorseLewis County, TX –  Jennifer Jenkins, 44, has been arrested for animal cruelty after her young horse became hopelessly trapped in mud.  A total of 9 horses were seized from Jenkins’ property after emergency personal were called to the house.

When emergency workers arrived at Jenkins’ property, they found a young horse trapped in thick, slippery mud over 1 foot deep.  The yearling was laying in the mud, unable to get to its feet.  Firefighter Andrew Martin told reporters “It’s side was as deep as the mud was.”  Workers with the Lewis County Health Department began shoveling the deep, sticky mud away from the horse while firefighters worked with straps and boards to get the youngster out of the mire.  Once rescue workers were able to extract the horse from the mud, it stood, shakily and hardly able to stand on its own.  It was emaciated with open sores on its body.

The other 8 horses on the property were deemed neglected by a veterinarian and seized by law enforcement.  Jenkins’ was arrested and booked without incident.

Original Story and Pictures: The Chronicle

Jennifer Jenkins' Horse

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