Horse Rescued From Ocean

Horse in Ocean

Westport, Massachusetts – A leisurely horse ride along the beach turned into a nightmare for a local woman.  She was riding her horse along the beach when her horse threw her off.  The horse then ran into the ocean and began heading out from the shoreline.

The desperate woman called the Westport police and officers responded.  Firefighters Tony Ward and Bob Porawski, both trained in water rescue, donned their gear and waded into the water.  The horse was 40 feet from the rocky shoreline by this time, standing in chest deep water.  For 45 minutes the two rescuers struggled to capture the horse.  They were finally successful in putting a rope halter and lead on the horse and leading him to the beach, away from the rocky shore.  The horse was uninjured as was the rider.

Original Story and Picture: NBC4i


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