Horse Rescued From Swimming Pool

Horse Rescued from Pool

Prince Edward Island – A horse struggled for her life after falling on a pool cover.  The 33-year-old mare walked passed the fence knocked down by a falling tree and onto the canvas pool cover.  One of her legs broke through the cover, causing her to fall on her side.  The mare laid on the cover in a foot of cold water, unable to get traction to stand.  The owner is very surprised the pool cover held her weight.  A fallen tree crushed the fence surrounding the pool.

Horse Rescued from PoolThe fire department was called to rescue her from the pool.  They attached straps around her body and pulled her to safety.  The whole process of rescuing her took 15 minutes.  A vet began administering warm fluid through IV.  2 hours after being pulled from the pool, she was able to stand to the cheers of the assembled crowd of rescuers.

Original Story and Photos: CBC

Horse Rescued from Pool

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