Horse Shot by Careless Neighbor

Joby and Susanne Wright

Monroe, North Carolina – Susanne Wright wasn’t particularly worried when 4 shots rang out near her home earlier this week.  Wright has had issues with a neighbor target practicing uncomfortably close to her home before, and has even called law enforcement on the shooter when bullets flew over her property.  Hearing the 4 shots, Wright and her partner,  Marcella Wallace, watched 23-year-old Joby prance around like he had been stung, but then they noticed something far more serious.  “He was shaking tremendously and sweating a lot, and I wiped over the blood and it was there. He died after 30 minutes. He suffered.  The image in my head… it haunts me every minute that I’m awake,” Wright told reporters.  “Watching him strike out in pain and whinny is something I will never forget.  Seeing the light in his eyes go out as he took his last breath continues to haunt me.”

Investigating officers believe the errant bullet came from the neighbors makeshift gun range, but are not sure there are any charges that can be filed.   “I am pro-gun, pro-second amendment, but you have to be responsible. It’s ridiculous that he can shoot a firearm in this county, have no backstop and have no repercussions for where that bullet goes. That’s insane,” Wright said.  She went on to explain that just 30 minutes earlier she had been standing where Joby was shot, and it could have been her.

Wright has owned Joby since he was 3 months old, and they have been inseparable.  Wright has started a Facebook page, Justice for Joby, hoping that justice will happen for her horse.  Her motto is: “I’m Very Pro-Gun. I’m Anti-Idiot.”



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