Horse Shot in Face With Arrow

Horse With Arrow

Hertfordshire, England – Police are searching for suspects after a horse was found standing in his pasture with an arrow stuck in his head. The horse is a friendly two-year-old cob type horse.  The horse was shot sometime Saturday night, and it stood in agony waiting for help until he was found Sunday. The horse was rushed to the Royal Veterinary College for emergency treatment.

Veterinarians are hopeful that the horse will survive, though it is likely to lose sight in that eye.  “The long bow bolt has gone through his eye socket and into his nasal cavity, miraculously without hitting anything vital.  It’s hoped he won’t lose his eye but it’s too early to know for sure,” RSPCA Deputy Chief Inspector Mel Fisher said.  ‘This was a wicked attack on a friendly and sociable little chap. If anyone saw anything, please contact the police.”

Arrow in Horse Xray
The arrow miraculously missed all vital areas.
The arrow that was pulled from the horse.
Horse Being Treated
The arrow barely missed the horse’s eye.
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