Horse Survives Freak Accident

Horses With Leg in Bars

A horse named Finn was found in his stall, his back leg wedged tightly in the bars of his stall.  Finn, a naturally nervous horse, had been bucking and kicking at the storm when a powerful kick drove his hoof between two of the window bars.  Between an hour and an hour and a half later his owner, Pam, found him and immediately sprang into action.

A veterinarian was called while Finn was given a sedation to calm his nerves.  A hacksaw was quickly found and they went to work sawing through 4 solid bars. Dr Elliot arrived, and after Finn’s hoof was free, he lifted it up and over the wall.  Once free the leg began to bleed profusely.  The leg was shaved and washed, then Finn was loaded into a trailer.  When he unloaded at the vet office the first thought on his mind was eating hay.

Original Story and Photo: Facebook

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