Horse Traders on Trial

Johnson and Jurecka

Two horse traders, Charlotte Johnson and Aniela Jurecka of Maidstone, UK, are on trial for drugging horses and misrepresenting them before sale.  Johnson and Jurecka, both 28, are accused of conspiring with Dr David Smith, veterinarian, to deceive buyers.  The duo would sedate horses before potential horse buyers would arrive and show calm, mellow horses with a bombproof attitude.  They would insist that Dr Smith perform the pre-purchase examination instead of allowing the buyers to bring in an independent vet.  Once the horses were home, and the sedatives wore off, the horses true conditions would become evident.

Charlotte Johnson
Charlotte Johnson

One such horse, sold for a beginners horse for a young novice rider, ended up being lame.  When the 10-year-old child was first riding it, the horse bucked and then raced away uncontrollably with the child hanging on for dear life.

Prosecutor Dominic Connolly testified to the court “Representations are made as to their physical wellbeing and their calm and placid demeanour, and their suitability for first-time riders when, in fact, they had significant behavioural issues which made them entirely unsuitable for novice riders.”

Johnson, Jurecka and Smith all deny any allegations of conspiracy or wrongdoing.

Original Story and Photos: Daily Mail


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