Horse Trainer Ropes Cow Front and Rear and Forces Dogs to Attack

Logan Allen

Glenwood, Iowa – Additional information and photos of notorious trainer Logan Allen, who posted photos of waterboarding a horse to his Facebook page, have been uncovered.  In the photos, Logan Allen is seen participating in bull baiting.  Bull baiting is the restraining of a bovine, typically a bull, and forcing packs of dogs to attack the helpless animal.  Logan Allen posted the photos with the caption “Another one down.  The pup is gona be rank.”  From his comment it is evident that this is not the first, or last, time Logan Allen planned on forcing his dogs to attack a tied up and helpless cow.

The cow, roped around the head and the back leg, is helpless to defend itself against the 3 dogs seen attacking it in the photos.  The cow is clearly off-balance and can barely stand on its 3 legs.  One dog is seen savagely pulling on its left ear while the other two move in to attack.  A smiling cowboy is seen in the background keeping the rope tight on the cow’s leg while the person taking the picture keeps the head tight.

Another photo, too graphic to show, was posted by Logan Allen showing a cow tongue laying on the ground, with the same caption: “Another one down.  The pup is gona be rank.”

A petition has been started to make Mills County, Iowa, Sheriff Eugene Goos investigate and prosecute Logan Allen for animal torture and abuse.  Please take a moment to sign the petition.

Attacking Cow With Dog

Attacking Cow With Dog

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