Horse Trapped on Gate

Henry and the Gate

Henry and the Gate   A hunter named Henry found himself questioning his free-spirited jump over a gate.  His owner, Netia Walker, enjoys hunting on Henry, but his training and experience jumping gates almost led to disaster.

Ms Walker was putting her horses away, but Henry just wasn’t in the mood to get caught.  “Henry refused to come in and it took ages battling through the gale to get them.  Then I heard a thunder of hooves and saw he had jumped all the fences around to home.”  On the last gate Ms Walker watched in horror as Henry slipped on the jump and landed with hooves on both sides of the gate, helplessly stuck.

Walker quickly called her vet and the local fire department to assist with the rescue.  Henry panicked when he saw the vet and in the struggle one of his legs caught caught up in the gate.  The vet sedated Henry and cut the board that was trapping his leg.  The firefighters then began working to free Henry from the gate.

In the end Ms Walker is going to need a new gate, and hopefully Henry has learned to only jump on cue.

Henry and the Gate

Original Story and Photos: Horse and Hound UK

Author: Dale Williams <-- Become my friend on Facebook! - Phone: 724-964-6773


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