Horse Used for Target Practice Over Months


El Dorado, California – The first time Red’s family found him with a puncture wound, they assumed he was injured on the fence.  Chenoa Calhoun, who works for Red’s family exercising him nearly daily, told reporters “We assumed it was something he had just gotten caught on the fence and just happened to puncture him.”

Last week, Red was found with another puncture wound on his rib cage, but investigation found a steel pellet trapped lodged under his skin.  The family believes it was a large bore air rifle that was used to shoot Red.

The shootings have set the quiet community on edge.  “You would just hope that people wouldn’t do things like this, because we care about our animals,” said Calhoun. “They are family so it’s very sad that someone would do something like that.”

Animal Control is investigating the shootings, but at this time there is no suspect.

Red's Injury
Red’s Injury


Pellet Used to Shoot Red
Pellet Used to Shoot Red

Original Story and Video: Fox 40

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