Horse Waterboarded by Trainer

Horse Tied and Sprayed

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Glenwood, Iowa – A trainer who won 1st place in the 2013 Iowa Horse Fair Colt Starting Challenge has found himself under fire for his unusual training methods.  Logan Allen posted public photos to his Facebook wall of a horse with the caption “bad boy…”  The photos have ignited a firestorm of anger on social media and many calls to the Sheriff Department.

The first photo shows the horse tied up, laying on the ground, while a garden hose sprays water all over its body and face.  Its legs are tied up tight and its tongue is hanging limply from its mouth.

The second and third photos show the same horse completely covered with a large grey tarp while water is continuously sprayed over the horse and tarp.  Most people who view the pictures believe they are substantive proof of animal abuse.

Logan Allen has since removed the photos from his Facebook timeline.

Original Story: Nina Burkett Facebook

Horse Tied and Sprayed

Horse Under Tarp

Horse Under Tarp

Logan Allen and Wife, Shyanne


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