Horseboarding Sport Takes Flight


HorseboardingHorse Boarding, a sport combining cross-country skateboarding with arena horse events, is taking the UK by a storm.  The sport was started in 2008, but has been growing rapidly in popularity in recent years. 36 teams compete nationally for a chance to compete in the national championship.  With speed approaching 40 mph, the sport is certainly not without its share of danger and crashes.  Each rider is protected by armored padding to protect them when, not if, they fall.

Board Rider’s feet are strapped into the cross-country type skateboard similar to a snowboard. A tow rope is attached to the back of the horse riders saddle, and the board rider holds on while navigating the often bumpy arena at full speed.

There are two kinds of competitions, a straight line 100m drag race and an arena event where horse and boarder navigate a pattern around a course.  In both events the fastest time wins.

Given its explosive popularity in the UK, it is only a matter of time before Horseboarding becomes an American event as well.

Original Story and Video: BBC Breakfast

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