Horses and Ponies Shot by Pellet Gun at Frontier Village

Horse Shot With Pellet Gun
One of the horses shot with the pellet gun.

Jamestown, North Dakota – Visitors to Frontier Village are thrilled to step back in time to a different time.  The village consists of various historic buildings from North Dakota moved to Jamestown to create a look at early America life.  Events at Frontier Village consist of carriage rides, visiting the historic buildings and museums, and watching mock gun play.

Police are hunting for the person(s) responsible for turning mock gun play into reality when they shot some of the horses and ponies in their pasture overnight several days ago with a pellet gun.  Karen George, equine manager at Frontier Village, told reporters “Someone must have went into the pasture and got close to them because I don’t think that kind of harm could have occurred if they shot from the road.  We didn’t know until we started brushing them and cleaning them up and found a festered hole (in Mercury) with a BB.  All of a sudden we found BBs all over them in their rumps and in their topline and their tails.”

The horses and ponies are expected to recover.  The majority of the injuries, with the exception of the embedded bbs, are from the animals spooking and running into the fencing.  Mercury, one of the pair of 9-year-old Morgan Percheron cross horses used to pull the stagecoach, will be unable to work until the injury to his legs heals.  Moon, the other horse in the team, has festering wounds from the bbs that were embedded under his skin.  The 5 ponies that were also attacked had various injuries including bbs embedded under their skin, cuts and bruises.

Jamestown Police have stepped up patrols on the roads around Frontier Village.

Stagecoach ride at Frontier Village.
Stagecoach ride at Frontier Village.
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