Horses Evicted From Stable by City

Illegal Boarding Stable
Illegal Boarding Stable (Laura A. Oda/Bay Area News Group)

Richmond, California – City code enforcement officer working on a case of illegal dumping of rubbish on a property in Richmond stumbled upon an illegal boarding stable for horses.  The property that houses the stable was also being used to dump rubbish including construction garbage, furniture and other household garbage.  Over 100 horses were once boarded at the stable, but when city officials visited the property, about 50 horses were on site.

The boarding stable is operated on property not zoned for horses.  Horses have been boarded on the property for over 17 years, and the horse owners cannot afford to move their horses.  Boarding at the stable is over $160 a month, and any other stables in the county are far more expensive according to local residents.  “There really is not an area where we can move these horses that is nearby,” horse owner Jabier Castaneda said.

When Contra Costa Animal Services visited the stables, they found the animals living in questionable housing, with tarps and boards hastily erected for shelter, but the animals all appeared to be well fed and watered properly.

The owners of horses housed at the stables have until December 3rd to move their horses, at which time the county will seize control and move the horses.  “We are hoping it doesn’t come down to where the facility is closed and we get a call one day that we have to find spots for 50 horses,” Steve Burdo of Contra Costa Animal Services said.

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