Horses Waiting for Schoolgirl

Madilyn Getting Off Bus
Madilyn Getting Off Bus

New Smyrna Beach, Florida – Madilyn may very well be the luckiest girl alive.  A photo of Madilyn being picked up from the school bus by a handsome cowboy, her dad, holding a waiting horse has gone viral.  The photo was posted by Sean Patrick Training and has been shared nearly 2,000 times.  Many of the comments relate how they were also picked up on horseback from the school bus.  “I would pick my daughter up in the car line with a team of percherons and a fore cart. The school secratery would flip out when I pulled up and rush her out the door,” Jessica Brown wrote.

Sean Patrick has been working as a professional equestrian since 1992.  He started as a trail guide in Canada for 10 years.  He now resides in central Florida where he now focuses on performance-horse training, colt starting, challenging horses, horsemanship instruction and writing.  He has written over 180 equine articles and has released a 4-disc dvd series on starting and training horses.


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