Jocky Admits to Abusing Horses for Wins

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San Francisco, CA – Jocky Alexis Solis, the only active jockey sitting on the California Horse Racing Board, recently explained to other board members why the number of times a jockey should be allowed to hit a horse has to be increased.   “I have to be very honest I’ve been in trouble a month ago because at 16th of a mile my horse got very tired…I hit her three times and I hit her one more time right at the wire and she just won by a nose. And I know if I wouldn’t have done that, it would have cost me the winner,” Solis said.  The racing board commissioner, who is against raising the limit of times a jockey can hit the horse on the home stretch, responded by saying “That’s what upsets me is, the horse it tired, he’s giving out and we’re sitting there encouraging them a whip. I think that’s cruel…better to lose the race than have someone abuse the horse.”  Solis in turn replied “Yeah, but I don’t know if the bettors going to feel that way. So. I mean, we’re there to do a job.”  Solis admitted that jockeys know they are abusing horses just to make the bettors happy.


Alex Solis
Alex Solis

Solis cast the tie-breaking vote and the number of times a jockey is allowed to whip the fatigued horse in the last 16th mile home stretch was raised from 3 to 4 times.  With a nominal fine of only $200 for violating the rule, jockeys routinely strike their horse as many times as they wish.

77 horses died during racing or training in 2015 in just California, and with mounting public opposition to horse racing in general, it may be time to be restricting  the abuse of horses, not increasing it.

Original Story and Photo: CBS Local

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