John Stewart Adopts Paintball Horse


Lily, the blind horse shot more than 130 times by paintballs at close range and dumped at the New Holland Horse Sale, has a new home with her best horse friend, Anita.   John Stewart, former host of The Daily Show, and his wife Tracey agreed to adopt Lily and give her a lifetime of love and care at their farm animal sanctuary in New Jersey.  When they found out how Lily had bonded with another horse at the rescue, Anita, they agreed to adopt both horses so they could stay together.

Philip Price Jr, aged 65, brought Lily to the horse sale.  He was convicted of 3 counts of animal abuse, 1 count of handling an animal without a license, and 1 count of not having proper paperwork to haul Lily across state lines.  He was fined $3,056 and ordered to pay $10,178 in restitution for Lily’s care to the Omega Horse Rescue who has been caring for her since the SPCA released her.

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